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Ceremonies within the Ceremony

Ceremonies within the Ceremony:


The reception is just another party.

We party all the time, for one reason or another.

We don't have a wedding ceremony everyday, now do we?


There are many ways you can put your personal stamp on your ceremony.


A standard wedding ceremony might go something like this:


Welcome and Introduction

Address to the bride and groom


Official Statement

Giving away of the Bride

The asking


Ring ceremony


Signing of the Register

Introduction of the couple


Your ceremony can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Look at all the options given to you when you choose me as your Celebrant!




I recomend a minimum of 4 mood songs for before the bride arrives. 1, 2 or 3 songs for when the bridal party walks down the aisle. 1 song when signing the register and 1 song for the recessional. Break Tradition, choose songs that are meaningful to you as a couple.


The-walk-with-DadThe Grand Entrance:

The family structure has changed and there are more and more brides with no father to walk them down the aisle. Who walks you down the aisle is totally up to you. Walk sown with your mum, dad, mum and dad, brother or grandfather. You get along with the Grooms family better than your own, Include them too. They can walk behind the flowergirls or after the matron of honour.



There are so many poets who know just how to capture the essence of love with their words. What you want to say to each other or express to your guests is likely to have been written by some poet somewhere.


I have a folder full of suitable poems, modern, deep and romantic. They are all easy to read by a guest, special friend, the bride or the groom or by me as part of the ceremony.


Rituals and symbolism:

Rituals are used to honour cultural and personal traditions. Symbolism is used to show the depth of our feelings and often becomes a reminder and method to improve our relationship or situation. I recomend you make a new tradition special for the two fo you!




Here are some suggestions -


 Single Rose gift which Bride & groom  exchange


Guests bring a flower which make your bouquet 


Throwing wishing stones 


Guests place wishing stones in a vase to keep


Unity sand ceremony


Collect the sand you are standing on when saying your vows


Candle Lighting


Warming of the rings 


Releasing Doves or Butterflies


Community ribbon ceremony


Handfasting or tie the knot


Unveiling of the Bride


Community vow of support from the guests


Honouring deceased relatives or those who can not attend 


Sharing Wine


Breaking the glass


Jumping the broom




You can choose vows from a list of over 300 alternatives. Many people want to write their own. This can be the place to break up the seriousness and add some humour.


I have combined the vows and ring ceremony to form a totally different message. It goes something like this:


"There are certain things that you can do to help ensure that you and 'Bride' live a long and happy life together: "


I then write 2 or 3 listing all the things you love about your partner and the little things they do for you every day which you really appreciate. This message can include your dreams for the future. Your partner is then asked if they will continue doing these things and take you as their husband and wife.


This vow ceremony is truely special and unique.




I Do take 2, involving kids:

Involving your children and starting a new blended family is actually quite easy. The key here is to make them feel welcome, involved but not forced or without choice. Teenagers may want to hear the words 'friend' and 'respect' and they will always be important.         A younger child may want to be feel included and part of the family unit.

I have so many options. One of them will suit your situation and feel right. Consider these suggestions:




A beautiful Family