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                       Phone Sharon on   0437 575 375


Are you looking for a celebrant with a bright, fresh approach, who offers unique,  meaningful options 

for your special celebration at a reasonable price?


Congratulations,  you have come to the right place!


I think of myself as the Modern Celebrant!

I'm young enough to bring vibrancy, excitement and the passion your occasion deserves.


Old enough to appreciate the seriousness and importance of your choices and the step you are about to take.



Through the course of your life, a celebrant is needed time and time again. Life changes constantly, creating the need to welcome new people into our lives, say goodbye to others, celebrate achievements and milestones and honour your loved ones.




A celebrant can help you say 'I love you so much. Please spend the rest of your life with me' or 'Sorry, I failed you', in order to make a new start or transition into the next stage of life.


A ceremony can also say 'we are so proud of you' or 'you have achieved so much'. A celebration can help us express our love in a way we never could.


My ceremonies allow the guests to step into your life or relationship for a moment in time. Guests leave feeling closer to you because they know you that little bit better.


How can you get your message across without the help of your young, fun, professional celebrant, Sharon Campbell?


Life is meant for the living. Kind words and expressions of love can only draw your family together, bring you all closer, making each person feel special and confirm to each member they belong to a truly wonderful group of human beings.


A good celebrant will become your trusted friend, whom you will disclose your dreams, feelings and intimate details. When called upon time and time again, I will become closer to you than your own family.



"Let the Celebration be your Gift!"

Motto and Slogan of the

'Australian Celebrants & Celebrations Network'



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