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Having a theme wedding is another way of putting your individual touch on your wedding.


Unleash your creativity

Discover your passion.

Live your dream!


Your theme can be as simple as the colour you choose or the flowers you carry, but the theme can be as elaborate as dressing up or even asking your guests to follow suit and dress in a particular fashion.


The theme will also set the formality or tone of your wedding. Often balancing tradition with creativity.


Sticking to a budget may be easier if you set a theme. You may already have items or clothes. Decorations may be obtained from friends or the op shop. Get creative. Google your theme and see what ideas you get.


A themed wedding should be acompanied by a themed ceremony to complete the story. I have ceremonies already written for the following popular themes.


Location Location: A blanket on the beach, Sunrise overlooking the ocean, Sunset near the lighthouse, Rainforest, On the Train, In the Rainforest, Up Up and Away

Exhaust Pipes

By the Sea: Shells, Pirate ship, Hawwian, Bali, Under the sea, On a desserted Island.



Modern Themes: Gothic, Bikie wedding, Car theme, Black and White.


Go back  in History: The Renaissance, Victorian Times, Scarlet Ohara, 1920's, 1960's Disco Diva. Back to the future.


Love Inspired: Fairy Tale, Romance novel, Valentines Day, Cinderella or a love story.

Balinese Wedding Umberella

From around the world: Africa, Jewish, Chinese, Hindu, Italian, Irish, Greek, Polish, Moari, Hawian, Scottish.


Holiday Weddings: Christmas, New Years Eve, Halloween, Valentines Day, Australia Day, 4th of July.


From the Movies: Country & Western, Shearers Shed, Square Dancing, Adventure trip, Safari or Wildlife, Archeological Trip, Elvis, Beatles, John Lennon,        Super Heros


34south ofthe border thumb



Nature Inspired: Puppy Love, Trees, Flowers, Leaves,  Diamonds & Pearls




The list is endless.

Use your imagination and create an awesome event.