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It doesn't matter if I am conducting a ceremony for a for a famous celebrity or the couple down the road the celebrants role does not change.


A celebrants role is to guide and assists the couple through:


My ceremonies are a celebration which reflect your personalities, dreams and love for each other. Ceremony wording is written for you, about you, proof read and approved by you.


I believe the ceremony is the heart of the wedding. The words are your promise to each other and the foundation of your marriage. The reception is just another party. We can have parties any day of the week but you only have one wedding ceremony. Let's make it unique and memorable!


Weddings should not cost a fortune (especially the $32K NSW average) and leave you to start life together in debt. I have many tips and alternatives to help you stay within your budget, no matter how limited.


I understand you may be nervous but excited, petrified of public speaking, family politics are affecting your choices or you may have limited funds, too much to organise with little or no time to plan. Not to mention wanting an outside ceremony BUT what if it rains?


We will work together to overcome any or all of these issues. Relax! This is your wedding. I will ensure you enjoy every second of it!


I will take you through a logical planning process.


'Together we will create a magical ceremony'



Choose your Location: e.gFly-away-Veil






chairs plus rose petals a1What is your chosen style or theme? e.g.



What is the basis of our relationship?



Who is in your Bridal Party?


Who will take an active role in the ceremony?


Special Touches for each other.



When we discuss these details along with many more, the foundation for our ceremony seems to fall into place and become obvious.




My meetings are relaxed and fun but never rushed.


You receive unlimited phone and email contact through the planning process.


Together we will create a meaningful memorable ceremony that will captivate and WOW your guests and keep them talking for many years to come.


'I promise a laugh and a tear in every ceremony.'

'You will enjoy every minute.'

'This is my promise to you!'